VIPKid teachers based in North America usually work in the early morning and on weekend evenings. These hours are peak times in China.

Teachers create their own schedule by opening slots which students can book. Each class lasts 25-28 minutes and teachers are paid for 30 minutes.

You can open as many or as few slots as you want and take a vacation when you want. It’s good to open slots well in advance, because most students book two weeks in advance, when VIPKid opens the bookings.

In theory, you can work anytime from 9am – 10pm Beijing time (overnight 8pm-9am Eastern time). But the peak times for bookings are weekday evenings 6-10pm and weekends in Beijing. The ‘peak peak time’ within those hours is  7-9pm Beijing time.

Peak times in summer

Below are the peak times in summer (Mar-Nov) for most US and Canadian time zones:

Summer VIPKid Hours

During school holidays in China (e.g. Feb, Jul & Aug), additional times are available: 8.30am – 10pm Chinese time every day (US evenings).

Peak times in winter

China does not observe daylight savings, so winter times are a little different:

Winter VIPKid Hours

I’m sure you can do the math for other locations, but this converter makes it easy to check: http://www.timeandzone.com/

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