TESOL course & quiz

The VIPKid TESOL course (foundation) aims to give applicants an overview of the language acquisition theories behind modern teaching methods.

Who needs to do the TESOL?

If you apply to VIPKid and do not already have a teaching certification (state or ESL), you must do the TESOL course during your application. VIPKid will ask you to complete the course before signing your contract.

All current teachers can also take the TESOL course if they wish, but it is not compulsory. Taking the course will give you an extra qualification on your profile.

About the TESOL Foundation course

VIPKid estimates the course requires about 11 hours of study. It covers some of the main theories of language acquisition / learning and how these can be applied in teaching.

The course includes videos, summaries and academic papers to read, as well as tasks. There are two multiple choice quizzes to pass.

Help with the quizzes

To help my referrals revise for the quiz, I’ve put together Revision Notes which summarize key TESOL theories.

To become a referral and get access to my resources, please add my code JENNY0032 in your VIPKid portal under ‘my account’.

Then let me know by email: jenny@vipkidreview.com

If you already have a referral teacher and you’re finding the quiz hard, get in touch to see if they can help you.

Tips for the quiz
  1. Look at the quizzes before doing the reading, so you know the key information you are trying to find.
  2. Click on the quizzes several times to see the different possible questions.
  3. You can do the quiz as many times as needed to pass! Don’t worry if you get a few wrong the first time you try it.
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