Starting Teaching

This section is for teachers starting teaching: in their first few weeks or months with VIPKID. Find out how to set up your schedule, get bookings, prepare for your classes, make props, get regular students and get certified for more levels.


Three key tips

Stay positive and keep smiling

Keep smiling throughout the lesson and it will appear like everything is going how you want it to!

Don’t panic!

  • If the materials didn’t appear in time for you to prepare, you can still teach a good lesson reading the slides as you go.
  • If your trial student cries and leaves class, that’s not that unusual. So long as you kept smiling and encouraging them, you did great!
  • If you get negative feedback, take it on board, but remember everyone has bad days. (Or the odd parent having a bad day).

Be patient and practical about bookings

I’ve listed what you can do to get more bookings here, but unfortunately no one has a full schedule straight away. Follow the suggestions and give it some time.

Update May 2018: Bookings are particularly low for new teachers right now, due to over-hiring. This should balance out in time, but be aware that it may take awhile for those bookings to come in and try to keep some high demand PPT times open.


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