Teaching Method

The VIPKID teaching method involves teaching one-to-one in an online classroom. Both the student and teacher can draw on the pre-made slides for each class.

The  main requirement for the job is that you always smile and have fun with kids in class. If you’re good with 3-4 year old kids back home, that’s a great start.

The VIPKID methodology is similar to international TEFL teaching. It uses a lot of actions and movement with the children, as well as repetition to build up to free speech. With strong students you will more time for conversation.

The main difference is that VIPKID doesn’t really encourage natural language. For example, the slides say [What is], not [What’s] when asking their name. However, you can still encourage natural speech with your students if you decide to. 

The teaching method also includes a lot of phonics (blending sounds to learn to read), which are important for young Chinese kids who have not grown up with an alphabet. It is based on US elementary school, so also includes math, science and social studies, though the focus is on English.

To see a sample lesson using VIPKID materials and the VIPKID classroom, click here.


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