When applying to VIPKid, it’s really useful to have a referral teacher / mentor. This is a current teacher who gives you their tips, advice and resources to help you ace the interviews.

Referral is completely FREE for applicants, because VIPKid gives your mentor a bonus if you succeed.

Become a referral

If you found this website helpful and you’d like me to be your referral teacher, please:

Use my link to apply

Or add my referral code JENNY0032 in your portal (under “my account”)

Then drop me an email to let me know and say hi:

Resources for my referrals

1. Three complete guides

VIPKid Complete Guides

2. Interview Resources

VIPKid Interview Resources

3. Personal advice, feedback & coaching

I will be happy to:

Answer your questions about: the job (pros and cons); the application process; starting teaching etc.

Review your express interview video before you submit it, to make sure you have included all the key techniques the interviewers are looking for.

Provide mock class coaching via skype. And/or provide tailored suggestions based on your feedback.

Help you get started teaching, with practical suggestions for  bookings  your first classes.

My background

I’m Jenny, I live in Canada and I’ve been teaching for VIPKid since September 2017. I have a degree in linguistics, two TESOL certifications and many years ESL teaching experience online and in the classroom.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions about VIPKid or the referral process.

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The Application Process

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