Mock class props

VIPKid mock props: here’s what you need.

Definitely use at least two different types of props, but I suggest three to five. Props (together with actions) can help you elicit sentences from the student without speaking yourself.

As before, there’s no need to spend a lot of money! Get access to a color printer, find things around the house, borrow from a friend or check out your thrift store (old soft toys go through the wash just fine).

Good props to use

reward system*: make sure it’s visible throughout class

Puppets, teddies, toys

Realia: e.g. a real ball, doll, kite, flag

Printed characters / animals* on popsicle sticks

Alphabet / phonics letters*

Verb endings flashcards*

Printed pictures of vocabulary items*

A mini whiteboard

*Printable resources that your referral teacher may be able to provide.

Ask your referral teacher

If you haven’t already, ask your referral teacher to share their props or rewards.

If you would like me to be your referral teacher (it’s free, see here), I have all the printable props mentioned above to send you, and the resources pictured below.

Just use my code: JENNY0032  and drop me an email:

VIPKid mock props and resources

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