Props for the demo / interview

VIPKID demo / interview props: what do you need for your first interview?

Definitely at least two different types of props, but I would recommend 3-5 if you want to impress the interviewer.

However, there’s no need to spend a lot of money! Get access to a color printer, find things around the house, borrow from a friend or check out your thrift store (old stuffies go through the wash just fine).


Good props to use

reward system: make sure it’s visible throughout class*

Puppets, stuffies, toys

Realia: e.g. a real banana or a ball and a hoop

Lily and Dino on popsicle sticks*

Alphabet / phonics letters*

Printed pictures of vocabulary items / feelings*

A mini whiteboard


Ask your referral teacher

If you haven’t already, ask your referral teacher to share some of their props or rewards. They usually have some great ones.


*If you would like me to be your referral teacher (it’s free, see here), I have all the printable props mentioned above to send you.

Just use my code: JENNY0032  and drop me an email:


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