I’m not American. Can I work for VIPKID?

VIPKID employs mainly American and Canadian teachers living anywhere in the world. They do employ some teachers who are not North American. But they must meet the requirements.

1. You must be eligible to work in the US or Canada.

For example, someone with a green card or citizenship would qualify. You don’t have to be living in the US or Canada at the time.

2. VIPKid now assess your accent in the first interview.

In general they are looking for native English North American accents, though that requirement is a bit unclear, since American and Canadian accents are so variable.

It is also preferred that you have some knowledge of the K12 education system, but that is not essential.

Other similar companies

If you are not American or Canadian and don’t have a work visa for North America, there are many alternative companies to consider.

This website provides a very long list of companies based in the US, the UK and around the world.

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