Mock Class

After passing your demo interview, you will enter the certification center and prepare to teach a mock class.

What does the mock involve?

Think of this stage as teacher training: you will do practice lessons with an experienced teacher until you are confident with materials, techniques and online classroom.

You can re-take a mock as many times as needed to pass. Most applicants do the first one 2-3 times.

In the mock, you will:

1. Introduce yourself and chat to your interviewer for a few minutes. Feel free to ask questions.

2. Teach the slides while they pretend to be a young student.

3. Review how you did with the interviewer and get some tips.

The mock lasts about 25 minutes, with 10 minutes of teaching time.

Interviewers are experienced VIPKid teachers and they are usually very friendly and encouragingYou usually get results and feedback within 24 hours.

Which slides to prepare

In the certification center, you can choose whether you want to certify to teach higher levels or lower levels or both. I highly recommend starting with lower levels as they are better for bookings.

Higher level (4-5) mock: My Country / Our Earth.

Lower level (2-3) mock: A – ball / B – kite & doll

Once you choose a level, you must prepare both sets of slides for that level.

Before your mock

Before you take the mock, consider finding a referral teacher, if you haven’t already. This is a current teacher who will answer your questions and share resources with you for interviewing and starting teaching. It’s free for applicants.

How to prepare for a Mock Class
1.  Slides & target language

Read the documents VIPKID sent you:  the slides and especially the teacher instructions.

Take a note of target language for each slide and what language the student already knows. This is your basic plan.

2.  Read & watch

Read my posts about teaching the slides and the Mock Class golden rules. Watch some YouTube video examples.

Ask your referral teacher for their advice and props they can share.

3. Develop your plan

Write down what you will say on each slide (the minimum possible), your props and actions, and your reward system.

Plan how to respond to the initial interview questions and any questions you may wish to ask the interviewer.

4.  Rehearse & record

Rehearse your lesson several times.

Watch the TIMING. Allow extra time for the student to be slow and make mistakes. If possible have a friend pretend to be your student. 

Read my Mock Class FAQs. Plan what to do if the student: doesn’t respond; doesn’t understand an activity; or asks you a question about grammar or vocabulary.

5. Get feedback / tips

If possible, ask your referral teacher to look over your lesson plan, or a video of you teaching. They will know the little details interviewers will be looking for.

Remember to smile, relax and have fun. You will be great!

More details for planning your mock:


If you have questions feel free to email me at

Next steps

If you pass the mock, you can then proceed to uploading your docs, bio, photos etc. and signing your contract.

If your interviewer feels you need more preparation, you will be asked to re-take the mock.


If you found this page helpful and would like me to send you more detailed advice and help you prepare, you are welcome to make me your referral teacher / mentor. It’s free for applicants.

Just add my code [ JENNY0032 ] and drop me an email at:

I share detailed tips, resources and props with referrals and will be happy to answer any questions you have: both during the application and after you start teaching.

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