Getting a raise

So how do you go about getting a raise at VIPKID? Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult.

You can only get a raise – of $0.50 per class/base pay – after a year, when you are signing your third contract. To qualify for the raise you have to meet numerous criteria over the previous year.



No more than 2 teacher ‘no shows’

A cancellation/no show rate of less than 0.6%: less than 6 classes per 1000 you taught

More than 1,200 finished classes: at least 100 per month on average, includes student no shows

More than 600 PPT slots taught: at least 50 per month, or 13 working mornings per month

25% five apple feedback: you must have 5 apple feedback from at least 25% of your as_scheduled classes and the feedback must be submitted within two weeks of the class

You can now track the above criteria more easily by clicking on the [Stats] tab at the top of your bookings page.


If your current base rate is $7, $7.50 or $8, you can miss out on one of these criteria, but it can’t be the 1,200 classes.

If your current base rate is $8.50, $9 or $9.50, you must meet all of these criteria exactly. There is no base pay above $10 per class.


You can also read the VIPKID info on thisĀ on the Freshdesk.


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