Get more 5 apple ratings

What’s the key to getting more 5 apple ratings?

Getting good ratings depends on your teaching quality, of course, but also what you write in the feedback. A message in the feedback is often the best way to get more parents to leave apples.


How to teach a class that makes parents happy

Smile: all the time, but especially when you open and close the camera. This makes it look like the class is going well.

Try to cover all the slides: time it by giving one star and covering 5-6 slides every 5 minutes. Keep smiling even if you have to skip some!

Speak as little as possible and avoid using any difficult language that might confuse the kid. If they really don’t get an instruction, change the activity so they just have to repeat or circle something, then move on. Keep smiling!

Gently correct one or two errors during class and help them practice the correct form.

Start the written feedback with how great their kid is. Then tactfully mention any behaviour issues or areas they need to work on. Explain that you practiced these areas in class to help them and they should practice more at home.


How to ask for 5 apple feedback

At the end of every single kid’s feedback I ask the parents to leave me 5 apples. This seemed like a really pushy thing to do when I first started, but I soon realised it was the only way to meet VIPKID’s raise requirement of >25% feedback. I now wish I’d done it from the start.

Here’s an example of what I would say, after I sign my teacher name:

If you liked my teaching today, please leave me positive (5 apple) feedback! It is very important to VIPKID teachers to get feedback from every class. Thank you!

If a regular student leaves apples, I thank their parents in the next lesson’s feedback and repeat that it is important to get it from every class, so I would love it if they could continue to leave feedback.

Good luck getting those apples!


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