Fast Pass coaching days

Attend Fast Pass coaching and skip the demo / interview!

VIPKid runs Fast Pass coaching sessions every few weeks in 26 cities in North America.

By attending, you will skip the whole demo stage and be able to move straight on to the certification center for your mocks.

What will I learn?

The sessions are run by experienced VIPKid teachers and last 3 ½ hours. You will get an overview of the company, as well as skills-based practice and feedback to help you do well in your mocks.

How do I sign up?

Click on the image below to see dates and locations, and to sign up for a coaching day:

Fast Pass coaching
What if my city doesn’t have one?

Check out cities elsewhere in your state or in a state nearby, just in case.

If not, sadly you won’t be able to do Fast Pass. However, VIPKid does offer online coaching sessions which will give you some helpful tips for your demo.

You can also ask your referral teacher to share tips and resources, or even do a skype practice session with you.

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