Before you apply

Three things to do before you apply:

1.Check you meet the requirements.

2. Read about VIPKID  to make sure you want the job. (Are you willing to get up at the crack of dawn to teach?)

3. Consider finding a referral teacher to help you out during the application and when you start teaching.



It’s also a good idea to get some equipment in advance of the interview process. The interview process involves teaching 2-3 demo/mock lessons. In order to do well in these you will need:

A reliable internet connection

A computer with a web cam

A headset with a microphone

A mouse

Some way of printing in colour

A puppet

A cheerful kid-friendly background e.g.: a whiteboard/large piece of card with pictures on it; or a poster of the alphabet.


Most things are easy to find second-hand (thrift stores have tons of kids’ toys and posters) or borrow from a friend. There’s no need to spend money on brand new props.

If you can’t get something in time, don’t panic. Just mention it at the beginning of your demo/mock class and reassure them that you will have it by the time you start teaching.



Feel free to drop me an email at

Or  consider becoming a referral by applying using my referral link or code: 04PD44.

I help out referrals with tips, advice and questions they have on any stage of the application. I also help with the process of starting to teach: how to get your first bookings, lesson prep etc. Find out more here.


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